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As a professional in an advanced career search, we realize that you need a placement service that will work with you to identify the position and company that will best match your professional and lifestyle needs.



We believe success comes by building long lasting relationships with our candidates. We do this by maintaining open lines of communications and, not only meeting your immediate employment needs, but also establishing ourselves as a trusted resource that will be instrumental in meeting your long-term career objectives.


We thoroughly research our client companies to ensure that the personal goals of each candidate match the company objectives so that each individual will perform to his or her highest potential. We place particular emphasis on career goals, environment preferences, leadership styles and work ethics to match job opportunities with qualified candidates, ensuring an immediate contribution.


OnPoint Network can offer you the opportunity to work with leading companies across the nation. Our tenured staffing consultants will identify the best opportunities available for each candidate and will help you determine the right fit. At OnPoint Network, we understand the important decision in choosing your next career, and we will partner with you to select the organization that best suits your needs as well as the companies.

Career Resources

We offer many value added career services for candidates to give every advantage to the candidate in the interview process.

  • Interviewing Tips
  • Marketing your resume
  • Coaching on “giving notice” and counter offers
  • Creating a winning resume
  • Preparing references

OnPoint Network is highly selective in bringing clients and candidates together. Each professional we represent undergoes a thorough qualification process that includes an extensive interview. Reference checks and degree verification will be performed and processed if required by the client company.


We also have an amazing REFER A FRIEND program. Make extra money by letting us know who you know that is looking for a new opportunity. Simply provide us with their name, email and phone number and we will do the rest. If we place that candidate, we will send you a referral bonus of $1,000. Easy money just for letting us know about top talent looking for a new opportunity!


Similarly, we invest the time with our clients to ensure we understand the opportunity. We listen to what is said- and not said- on both sides. Our experienced team of staffing consultants carefully compares each candidate’s professional accomplishments, work ethic and career goals with the opportunities that exist at the client company. They are then able to add valuable insight to the decision- making process from both perspectives. The end result is a candidate that can hit the ground running and immediately make a contribution.



From start to finish, I had a Written Offer within 3 weeks of my first conversation with OnPoint Network - and it is a dream opportunity. The OnPoint Network team was fantastic, and anyone who works with them can be confident they will find a role that fits their work style, as well as compensation desires. Thanks to everyone at OnPoint.

OnPoint Network has placed me twice now and has been spot on in all aspects of recruiting. Coupled with their expertise, is the fact that all the recruiters there are just great people to work with. The team is personable, upbeat, and high energy, while maintaining the appropriate amount of professionalism

OnPoint Network provided the best recruiter experience I have ever had - from start to finish, they were very professional and always concerned that I was kept informed.

"OnPoint Network is a winner. Focused, direct, and a partner in helping you explore career opportunities. It's one thing to throw job postings at a candidate. It's quite another to discuss the product, business, and company culture in a transparent and open way to determine if there's a fit. OnPoint Network definitely falls into the second camp!

Plain and simple, OnPoint Network is the best recruiting firm I have ever worked with. They care about their clients and are passionate about their jobs. When a friend or colleague is looking for a new opportunity the first person I recommend is OnPoint Network!

OnPoint Network should be the first stop for anybody in need of top notch recruiting. Extremely professional and personable, detail oriented and always prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed working with OnPoint Network, and couldn’t be happier with the results

"I am HIGHLY pleased with the company in which I was placed and felt it was a superb match. Thanks OnPoint Network!

"Plain and simple…OnPoint Network is the best recruiting firm around! They are professional, knowledgeable and most importantly does what is in your best interest. I would highly recommend to anyone that they work with OnPoint Network when seeking a new opportunity

OnPoint Network was instrumental in finding me an amazing sales position at the company I'm with now. They were professional, responsive and I'd recommend them to anyone!

"OnPoint Network truly goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality of service. I would definitely recommend them, having the utmost confidence in their abilities to get the job done!

OnPoint Network changed me life! They were able to get me into my dream job, with the best company in the world,! I love my job and my company!

I knew from the moment I received my first call from OnPoint Network that I was going to have a great experience.

"Was referred to OnPoint Network from a past coworker. They not only directed my focus, but also guided me into a company that fits my needs PERFECTLY. Very well known and respected. Highly recommended.

The team at OnPoint Network are real pros. They have a great grasp of the industry and job market and provided me with a lot of helpful information during my job search. They have grat relationships with the companies they represent and a good understanding of who they are and what they do. Once I was in the interview process, they kept in touch and provided meaningful feedback.

The team at OnPoint Network has now helped me find two career opportunities that were the best fit for what I was looking for. They definitely took the time to understand my needs and applied that to put me in contact with opportunities that he felt I would most succeed at. I definitely would recommend OnPoint for anyone looking to find the perfect career opportunity."

OnPoint gets something most recruiting companies don’t: That they not only working for the hiring companies – they are also work for you. If you're looking for a career change... if you feel like you could be doing more for your career, OnPoint is the first company you should call.

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