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Our Partnership Approach

PageLines-desk-work.jpgThe new economy brings with it a new workforce, new technologies and a more pressing need for you to secure the best staff for your organization. That’s where OnPoint Network can help.

Your company and your staffing needs are unique. What works for one organization may not be right for your company. That’s why OnPoint Network doesn’t rely on “off the shelf” staffing answers. Rather, our team of staffing professionals takes the time to understand your needs and objectives, your operational environment, your organization’s culture and what success means to you.

When you work with us you’ll find the first thing we do is learn about you. We believe that the time we invest early on works to the benefit of everyone and sets the tone for a lasting relationship. Our experienced staffing consultants will meet your hiring managers to acquaint them with the OnPoint Network solutions and to gain a thorough understanding of your company-its history, corporate culture, and work environment. This information helps us learn how to best support your staffing requirements the first time and for the rest of our working relationship.

At OnPoint Network, our staffing team goes beyond typical staffing techniques. We launch a proactive, creative, and targeted search. We know that often the best candidates for your needs aren’t actively looking for another position. We rise to the challenge of finding them. Our team continually networks a variety of recruiting resources and referrals to uncover those elusive or hard to find, high potential candidates.

"OnPoint Network is the perfect partner for any company seeking sales talent. I am lucky to have had the chance to work side by side with them in two different positions. They are extremely personable, professional, and the best at what they do! "

Kristina L

" OnPoint Network changed everything for my team. They got deep into what I wanted, challenged me on a few core issues that changed the search criteria, and within a week I had 3 resumes on my desk. Not dozens and dozens. No hours of screening. I brought a few in and made a hire within a few weeks. OnPoint Network has been absolutely incredible and I highly recommend them for any recruiting needs."

Dan H.

"We've used OnPoint Network for several years now. Hands down, best recruiting firm I've ever utilized. If I could only use one firm going forward it would be a no-brainer that it would be OnPoint Network. Can't recommend them any higher, they're just fantastic."

Mike A

"I highly recommend OnPoint Network! They listen to your needs and really makes a point to understand the intangible traits/needs that you are looking for in a potential employee. It's not JUST about skills & experience...you need a personality fit as well and OnPoint Network gets that!"

Colleen D.

"OnPoint Networks skill-set is well beyond your everyday run-of-the-mill type of recruiting agencies and/or individuals. They are manically focused, listens to your needs and will find you candidates that will produce results and align to the culture your company is looking to create/continue. I highly recommend OnPoint Network to help create a solid personnel strategy for your organization."

Jim E.

"I would highly recommend OnPoint Network for any recruiting needs! They do an excellent job of understanding our requirements and connecting us with the right candidates. They don't waste our time which is huge! "

Chris S.

"OnPoint Network has fantastic recruiters that finds top talent, and is a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and thoughtful in their communication. We would definitely recommend OnPoint Network for any hiring needs! "

Robin T.

"Krishelle and the team at OnPoint have a first class recruiting operation. Great to work with and extremely efficient. Very qualified candidates."

Chris G.

"OnPoint Network has placed over 60 excellent candidates here at SuccessFactors. I could count on them to present qualified candidates and they are always a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend OnPoint Network to any company seeking staffing help and to any of my acquaintances seeking employment."

Que S.

"OnPoint Network did a great job for me and practically staffed my entire sales department with quality people. I highly recommend them for all your hiring needs!"

Matt M.

"OnPoint Network has been a joy to work with! I've worked with a handful of recruiters but the team at OnPoint's attention to detail, passion, and follow through are second to none."

Eric M.

"If you haven't worked with OnPoint Network before, you should! They find the right people for the right positions and know how to network to get to the best talent."

Victor B.

"OnPoint Network is the only recruiting firm you will need to use! I have worked with the team for over 6 years- at three different companies, and they have placed over 100 people under my leadership! By far, the best recruiting firm focused in sales!"

Matt C

"OnPoint is one of the best Recruiters I've worked with. They have a tremendous understanding of the Companies they recruit for, which allows them to select only the best candidates for the position. They do a great job of matching prospective employees' personalities and job history with our Managements needs and our Company culture. I highly recommend them to help meet the staffing needs of your growing business."

Boriss P
Our strong reputation was built on the foundations of consistent service delivery of first class staffing and human resource solutions. This consistent service ensures that OnPoint Network places only the highest quality of candidates with clients. We are only as good as the candidates we refer to our client companies. With this in mind, recruitment and screening of quality talent is a constant with the team at OnPoint Network. We want only the best candidates representing us.

Our success is built on our ability to provide speed and execution in the placement. This performance is a result of our extensive experience in the industry, knowledge of clients’ and candidates requirements, consulting skills, local market awareness, client service, and most importantly, accuracy in placement. Our tenured recruiters understand the importance of research and building relationships with clients and candidates in order to understand their unique needs. We strive to achieve a mutually rewarding partnership.

OnPoint Network offers unequaled resources to seek out the talented people you need, the skill to carefully match them to your organization and the experience to handle your most complex direct hire requirements.

The result is a solid business relationship with the precise level of service that you are looking for in staffing solution.

It is important to work with an organization you can trust and depend on.
With OnPoint Network, you can be sure your job search will be handled with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity. OnPoint Network does more than fill your open positions. Our commitment is to value our client’s business by providing the right candidate at the right time, every time.

To request more information about our services, Please fill out the GET IN TOUCH information out, or call us at 650.350.4220 to request a free consultation. Client references available upon request.

We Find Talent For The Following Roles:

Lead Generation
Account Executives
Field/ Enterprise Sales
Sales Leadership
Business Development
Customer Success
Account Mangers
Sales Engineers
Professional Services
Sales Operations
Sales Enablement
Product Marketing
SEO/ SEM Manager
Demand Generation

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