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"From start to finish, I had a Written Offer within 3 weeks of my first conversation with OnPoint Network - and it is a dream opportunity. The OnPoint Network team was fantastic, and anyone who works with them can be confident they will find a role that fits their work style, as well as compensation desires. Thanks to everyone at OnPoint. "

Russell N.

"OnPoint Network is the perfect partner for any company seeking sales talent. I am lucky to have had the chance to work side by side with them in two different positions. They are extremely personable, professional, and the best at what they do! "

Kristina L

"OnPoint Network has placed me twice now and has been spot on in all aspects of recruiting. Coupled with their expertise, is the fact that all the recruiters there are just great people to work with. The team is personable, upbeat, and high energy, while maintaining the appropriate amount of professionalism"

Stephanie S.

" OnPoint Network changed everything for my team. They got deep into what I wanted, challenged me on a few core issues that changed the search criteria, and within a week I had 3 resumes on my desk. Not dozens and dozens. No hours of screening. I brought a few in and made a hire within a few weeks. OnPoint Network has been absolutely incredible and I highly recommend them for any recruiting needs."

Dan H.

"OnPoint Network provided the best recruiter experience I have ever had - from start to finish, they were very professional and always concerned that I was kept informed. "

Chris F.

"We've used OnPoint Network for several years now. Hands down, best recruiting firm I've ever utilized. If I could only use one firm going forward it would be a no-brainer that it would be OnPoint Network. Can't recommend them any higher, they're just fantastic."

Mike A

"OnPoint Network is a winner. Focused, direct, and a partner in helping you explore career opportunities. It's one thing to throw job postings at a candidate. It's quite another to discuss the product, business, and company culture in a transparent and open way to determine if there's a fit. OnPoint Network definitely falls into the second camp!"

Alex N.

"I highly recommend OnPoint Network! They listen to your needs and really makes a point to understand the intangible traits/needs that you are looking for in a potential employee. It's not JUST about skills & need a personality fit as well and OnPoint Network gets that!"

Colleen D.

Plain and simple, OnPoint Network is the best recruiting firm I have ever worked with. They care about their clients and are passionate about their jobs. When a friend or colleague is looking for a new opportunity the first person I recommend is OnPoint Network!

Bill A.

"OnPoint Networks skill-set is well beyond your everyday run-of-the-mill type of recruiting agencies and/or individuals. They are manically focused, listens to your needs and will find you candidates that will produce results and align to the culture your company is looking to create/continue. I highly recommend OnPoint Network to help create a solid personnel strategy for your organization."

Jim E.

Our Partnership Approach

The new economy brings with it a new workforce, new technologies and a more pressing need for you to secure the best staff for your organization. That’s where OnPoint Network can help.

Your company and your staffing needs are unique. What works for one organization may not be right for your company. That’s why OnPoint Network doesn’t rely on “off the shelf” staffing answers. Rather, our team of staffing professionals takes the time to understand your needs and objectives, your operational environment, your organization’s culture and what success means to you.

Client Services


A well written resume says a lot about the person who wrote it. The better written the resume will usually mean a better quality candidate to the person reviewing it. Here are some helpful tips on how to write a better resume:

  • Include the month and year for every position listed on a resume.
  • Include any accomplishments or awards at the top of each position.

Resume Tips

There are several key tips to interviewing well. A well prepared interviewee can really impress a potential employer. Here are some tips to remember and follow before, during, and after an interview

  • Before you interview do some research on the company you are interviewing with. In this market, it is important to know as much as possible.
  • Have educated questions about the company, the industry, and the vision of the role you are interviewing with.

Interviewing Tips

As a professional in an advanced career search, we realize that you need a placement service that will work with you to identify the position and company that will best match your professional and lifestyle needs.

We believe success comes by building long lasting relationships with our candidates. We do this by maintaining open lines of communications and, not only meeting your immediate employment needs, but also establishing ourselves as a trusted resource that will be instrumental in meeting your long-term career objectives. 

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